Complaint Handling Policy

  1. Introduction
    This document describes the Complaint Handling Policy of Regency Alliance Insurance Plc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) which has been put in place in compliance with the extant Regulations relating to complaint handling.
  2. Application
    This policy has been designed to provide guidance to clients, shareholders, other stakeholders and members of staff on the manner in which the Company receives and manages complaints. The Company is committed to being fair and impartial in the handling of all complaints.
  3. Objective
    The objective of this policy is to ensure:
    i)Awareness and understanding of the Company’s complaint handling processes.
    ii)Ensure compliance with the SEC Regulation on Complaints Handling.
    iii)Handling of complaints with a balanced view of all information or evidence.
    iv)Handling of complaints from customers, shareholders and other stake holders in a timely,effective, fair and consistent manner.
  4. Definition
    A complaint in this Policy shall be deemed to mean any written statement of a client or any person acting on behalf of a client, Shareholder or other stakeholder alleging a grievance involving the conduct, business or affairs of the Company or any employee, representative, officer, director or advisor of the Company.A complaint could also be deemed to mean a verbal expression of dissatisfaction by a client, Shareholder, Stakeholder or officer of the Company relating to conduct, affairs or services provided by the Company.
  5. Lodging a Complaint
    5.i  Any dissatisfaction with any of the Company’s services or conduct of business is to be brought to the notice of the staff member who was the initial contact in respect of the business or services directly.
    5.ii Where however  the process in no (1) above is unsatisfactory or the relevant staff member is unable to address the issue(s), complaint could be lodged in the following ways:
    a. Through completion of a complaint feedback form on our website
    b. By surface mail addressed and delivered to –
    The Managing Director,
    Regency Alliance Insurance Plc.
    Regency Place, 2, Ebun Street, Gbagada Expressway, P.O.Box 70333, Victoria Island, Lagos.
    Through e-mail –
    By Telephone 080-53499073 -74
    Where the complaint was made orally and the Company considers it appropriate, we may ask for same in writing.
  6. Required Information
    To facilitate the investigation and redress of complaints the following information would be required to ensure the complaint is quickly and efficiently resolved:
    I) Complainant’s full name and contact details.
    II) The name of the officer of first contact
    III) Details of the complaint.
    IV) Details of any step already taken to resolve the complaint.
    V) Copies of any documents which support the complaint.
  7. Complaint officer
    The Company Secretary has been designated as the complaint officer. The Complaint Officer’s contact information is as follows;
    Telephone Numbers; 08053499073-74
    E-mail Address;
    Official Address;   Head Office, 2, Ebun Street,
    Gbagada, Lagos,
    Lagos State.
    The complaint officer upon receipt of any complaints shall constitute a committee of three (including him) taking into cognisance the nature and content of the complaint.The complaint officer shall be primarily responsible for investigating and resolution of all complaint.
    He shall also ensure that necessary steps are taken to resolve all complaints within the set time.
    He shall report regularly at the Management meeting on all complaints received and the status of all such complaints giving details of the complaints and how they were resolved.
  8. Complaint Handling Process
    i) Complaints Registration and Acknowledgement
    The Company shall register and acknowledge receipt of all complaints lodged within forty (48) hours of receipt of the complaint.
    ii) Complaint Review
    The Company shall review the complaint and determine if additional information or documentation would be required to complete the investigation. Should there be need for clarification or additional information the complainant will be contacted.
    ii) Complaint Investigation
    The Company shall investigate the complaint objectively and impartially within Ten (10) working days by considering the available information, our actions in relation to complainant’s dealings with the Company and any other information or documents which may be available that could assist in investigating the complaint.
    iv) Extension of Complaint Investigation Time Frame
    Where the Company sought clarification or additional documentation and awaiting the availability, the ten (10) working days finalization commitment might not be met.
    In such circumstances, upon receipt of the complainant’s clarification or additional documentation, the Company shall communicate the reason(s) for the delay and specify possible date to finalise the complaint.
    v) Communication of Complaint Findings
    The Company shall communicate the findings after the investigation and actions already taken on the complaint to the complainant in writing.
    vi) Complaint Tracking
    The complainant has the right to make enquiries about the current status of the complaint at any time by contacting the Complaint Officer of the Company.
    vii) Complaint Archive
    The Company would keep record of the complaint in the complaint Register for continuous monitoring.
    viii) Letter of Resolution
    Where the complaint is resolved; the company shall issue a letter of resolution stating the terms of resolution and the complainant shall be expected to sign and return a copy to the Company who shall close the complaint file upon receipt of the signed acknowledgement.Where a complainant is not satisfied or the matter could not be resolved, the complainant shall indicate his dissatisfaction in writing stating the reasons and his expectation, Management shall attach a report on the efforts made to resolve the complaints to the appropriate board committee .The Board committee shall review the matter and decide on how best to redress the complaint.Should this also fail to satisfy the client, he may wish to report to the relevant regulator.
  9. Complaint Recording
    The Company shall maintain a Complaint Register to record and track all complaints, identify potential trends and produce reports.
    The Complaint Register will capture the following:
    i) The name and contact details of the complainant(s).
    ii) Record of all details of the complaint including facts and cause(s) of the complaint.
    iii) The outcome and any actions taken following investigation of the complaint.
    iv) Dates and times in respect of actions taken to resolve the complaint and correspondences.The Company shall keep record of personal information of complainants solely for the purposes of addressing the complaint(s).
  10. Complaint Report
    The Company shall render Quarterly reports to the NSE on all complaints received and actions taken on them.
  11. Exclusion
    This policy shall not apply to any complaint that is sub-judice or in arbitration.
  12. Approval
    This Policy was discussed and approved by the Board at its meeting of 30th June, 2015.


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